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The Philippines is known as the land of Island. According to the stats, it has more than 7,000 Islands where new Islands are being explored on daily basis. The best thing about these Islands is their beauty. Every Island has something special to offer you. Among all, Subic Bay is one of the most famous Islands which you must explore if you are planning to visit the Philippines. It is located about 100 KM away from the main city, that’s why the companies have opened their hotel on the Island instead of the nearby cities.

There is much to see in Subic Bay Philippines Island. The Island is mainly famous for Subic Bay Naval Base which has been billed by the US. This place is also known as Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is more likely an Industrial and commercial area that’s why the Subic Bay hotels has the meeting and business rooms too because of their demand.

Finding a hotel in Subic during the season could be very challenging. Especially, if you want to stay in a beachfront hotel, then you need to book the room in advance otherwise it is hard to get the room in your required hotel. Shockingly, the prices of Subic Bay hotels and Subic Bay resorts are not very high including the hotels located on the edge of the beach. Due to the low prices, people with a limited budget can also book a room in a luxury hotel and enjoy their services.

Subic Bay Naval Base
Subic Bay Naval Base

There are mainly three types of hotels in Subic Bay Philippines. The first one is those which are located on the beach. These are called the beachfront hotel. The prices of these hotels are bit high even if the hotel is not providing extraordinary services, but still, you have to pay high prices because of their location. Most of the popular hotel of the town is actually located there but there are some low class and very cheap hotels too.

The second category of Subic Bay hotels are those hotels which are located about 1 KM away from the beach. Due to their location, the hotel needs to charge bit low prices. Also, to attract the visitors, they actually offer more services than the beachfront hotel. Some of the national level hotels are actually located there. These hotels could give you more fun and activities to do. First, the bars and clubs of the Islands are actually far from the beach so you can enjoy Subic Bay nightlife by booking room in these hotels easily where many attractions and parks are also located near to these hotels.

The third hotels are more than just hotel. I mean they are Subic Bay resorts. They could be located anywhere including on the edge of the beach or in the middle of the Island. The best location for resorts is the beach because. Unlike hotels, you don’t need to book a room in the resorts. You can spend your whole day there by booking room for few hours or just enjoy food in their restaurants which are actually located on the beach and gives you a beautiful view of the beach.

Most of these hotels also have the special business rooms for those travelers who are coming to the town for the meeting or business purpose due to Subic Bay Naval Base or Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Do not book a room in a hotel which has been completely made for them because their prices are high due to their services. These hotels usually have the big halls to arrange the business meeting and other ceremonies. You can also book their halls to arrange an event or family functions too.

Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Subic Bay Freeport Zone

In the time of internet, it is not difficult to book a room in advance in any hotel of the world. But when you are booking the room, make sure to check the prices on different websites because some websites offer discounts on special days of the month. Also, checking photos of the hotel before booking the room can give you an idea about the hotel amenities. Other than above, make sure to read both the negative and positive reviews about the Subic Bay hotels and Subic Bay resorts to get the better understanding.

Hotels in Subic Bay Philippines come in every price, so it is better to book a room in a hotel which suits your budget. Make sure that you are not spending all of your money on hotel only but on other things too.

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