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Things to do in Subic Bay

Book your Hotel in Subic Bay! I won’t waste your time by telling you to do random things in Subic Bay but I will share the list of activities which you must try once you reached to Subic Bay, booked room and ready to explore the attractions of this beautiful[…]

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Top places to visit when you visit Subic Bay

Book your Hotel in Subic Bay! My first to Subic Bay was amazing because I searched for the top places to visit there, top activities to do there and list of the food which I need to eat there. One article is not enough to talk about all of these[…]

Subic Bay Philippines

What to do in Subic Bay

Book your Hotel in Subic Bay! Subic Bay is known by different names, which include Subic Bay Freeport Zone and even the popular Subic Bay Naval Base but originally its name is Subic Bay. While it is an Island and beautiful place to explore due to its attractions but one[…]

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Cheap Subic Bay Hotels to Stay

Book your Hotel in Subic Bay! Subic Bay is the Island of Philippines which is located about 100 KM away from the Manila Bay. Whilst every Island of Philippines is famous for the reason of its beauty but Subic Bay Philippines is also famous for the Subic Bay Naval Base[…]

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Complete guide to hotels in Subic Bay Philippines

Book your Hotel in Subic Bay! The Philippines is known as the land of Island. According to the stats, it has more than 7,000 Islands where new Islands are being explored on daily basis. The best thing about these Islands is their beauty. Every Island has something special to offer[…]